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Plastic injection

The injection of thermoplastics is a process widely used by the plastic industry for the manufacture of all kinds of parts, from buttons for shirts, through the electronic boxes that equip home appliances, to aeronautical equipment. The biggest advantage of this technique is the possibility of mass production of large quantities of parts.

The procedure is the next:

a) Closing the mold

b) Injection:

1) Filling phase

2) Maintenance phase.

c) Plasticization or dosing and cooling

d) Opening of the mold and expulsion of the piece.

e) Removal of parts by robot arm.

f) Parts deposit on conveyor belt.

g) Separation of casting.



We have a high specialization in the manufacture of plastic parts, based on a deep knowledge about materials, manufacturing technologies, classic or current and regulations.

Activity sectors

We provide a comprehensive service to our clients, working together on the design of the part, advising on technical aspects, choice of materials and optimization of production.

Our working method is focused on the client, which leads us to adapt and specialize in sectors as demanding as:

Air conditioning sector

Building sector

Electric sector

Medical Sector

Office Sector