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About us


At Caviti we have a usable area of 1,200 square meters, divided into the following areas:



-Management Office

-Administration and Commercial Office

-Technical Office and Manufacturing

-3D printing and prototyping area



Manufacturing area

Our machinery park is in continuous evolution, and currently it is made up of eight injectors, from 30 Tm to 360 Tm of closing pressure, which allows the manufacture of parts from 1 gr to 1,100 gr.

The injectors, all of them of the latest generation, have manipulators and conveyor belts adapted to each machine, to facilitate the automation and repeatability of the manufacturing processes. 

Likewise, all the machinery is equipped with the necessary peripherals to treat any type of material (mold tempering, dehumidification, pre-drying, dosage and mixing of components, etc. ...), as well as the transport of said materials to the production chambers. casting safely, which prevents any kind of contamination.

We also have a tooling maintenance area and another for refrigeration, air conditioning and compressors.  



Finishing area 

- Ultrasonic welding

- Shrinking and packaging 

- Assembly of components or mechanisms

- Flat and circular screen printing



Warehouse area 

All our storage areas are perfectly palletized and delimited to optimize the space and flow of the different goods.

- Goods reception area 

- Raw materials area

- Semi-finished product area

- Finished product area

- Non-conforming product area

- Expeditions area

All merchandise is duly identified to facilitate its control and traceability.



Robotics and Industry 4.0

Despite the fact that our professionals have extensive experience in the sector, Caviti is a young company in constant search for improvement and optimization of processes, which translates into customer satisfaction.

Our goal is to grow and improve hand in hand with Industry 4.0, which mixes cutting-edge production techniques with intelligent systems that integrate with organizations and people and that offers infinite ideas and possibilities. It is because of that Caviti allocates 15% of its annual income to investing in R & D & I. 

With an updated machinery park, equipped with the latest advances and in continuous evolution, and to ensure customer satisfaction, we place emphasis on the quality of peripherals and all the means to improve automation. In addition, the injection equipment is already equipped with material elevators, master dispensers, mixers and industrial robots.

Injection moulding machine working in factory used for the forming of plastic parts using plastic resin and polymers.

2D and 3D Design

In our technical design office we count with modern computer programs with CAD / CAM software that allow us to develop design projects for all types of parts. By making 2D plans or 3D figures, you have access to view and modify both sketches and drawings of 3D parts, having access to all formats (. STP, SAT, IGS, .X_T, PAR, SLDPRT, SAT, STL …)

We also have the best 3D printing programs and extensive knowledge about them (Simplify 3d, Ultimaker Cura, Chitubox, Formware, Meshmixer ...)

Rear view of an engineer using a computer to design a 3D machine model.